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An exciting Point-Race system with the chance to earn cool prizes and be invited to play an invitational tournament.

The general seasons for the points system lasts from November - October the following year (for example, Season 22/23 - November 2022 to October 2023). The invitational tournament for the current season (21/22) is taking place on November 11-13 in Charleston, South Carolina. All the players will be informed two weeks prior to the invitational tournament. 


In each division, the top 16 players will be invited:

    Division 0.00 -  3.00 UTR - 16 players 

   Division 3.01 -  6.00 UTR - 16 players
   Division 6.01 -  9.00 UTR - 16 players

    Division 9.01 -  Plus UTR - 16 players 

The entry fee for this verified invitational event is free of charge for all invited tennis players. 


During the Rally to The Slam tennis tournaments, you are able to collect points for the Rally to The Slam. Below you find an overview of how points are distributed: 

5 points for participating in a tournament 

3 points for winning a match 

3 points to advance to the single-elimination stage

6 points for winning a flight

3 points for 2nd place in a flight 

After the conclusion of a tournament, the updated race for the Rally to The Slam for CTC will be published. This way you are able to continuously check your current standings in The Rally. 


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