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21 & Under 


Scoring Format 

2/3 full sets with a ten-point tiebreaker for the third set.

The tournament format can be changed to short sets (fast four format) in case of weather influence. 



Each player is divided into a round-robin group based on the UTR 

level. The UTR difference should not exceed 1.5 UTR points in the

round-robin stage. The 1st place of each group advances to a 

single-elimination round to compete in a single-elimination round. 



Players receive a refund by withdrawing before the registration is closed. After that, the decision is up to the tournament director. If the weather permits no playing time throughout the whole tournament, the registration fee will be reimbursed or used as a voucher for the next Rally to The Slam tournament.

Guaranteed Matches 

All players are guaranteed to play at least 3 matches in the round-robin stage so long as the weather permits all operating hours. 


Unsportsmanlike Conduct 

Unsportsmanlike behavior is not accepted at Rally to The Slam tournaments. Three reports and a player may be expelled from the Rally to The Slam series. 



No coaching is allowed at the Rally to The Slam tournaments at any time. 


Late Arrival 

If players arrive late for the match, the following rules apply: 

0-5 minutes - 1 game and loss of toss

6-10 minutes - 2 games and loss of toss

11-15 minutes - 3 games and loss of toss 

16+ minutes - match 

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